Boat tours

The mouth of Ria of Eo, which flows into the Cantabrian Sea, is one of the most picturesque and beautiful estuaries in Spain and offers the visitor an unforgettable experience in its waters. You can experiencience different aspects of sea life as well as the feeling of crossing under the impressive pillars of Puente de los Santos' (Saints’ Bridge).

The companies that organize these services make departures approximately every half an hour, making stops in the harbours of Castropol, Figueras y Ribadeo.You can also arrange specific services for groups by reservation.

The route through the river Eo runs across the riverside towns of Figueras, Ribadeo and Castropol, reaching the Arnao beach, at the mouth of the estuary, or to the Isla Pancha's lighthouse, on the opposite strip of the estuary.

Albatros Boat Tours - Contact person: Francisco Martínez (+34 647 823 376)
Nuevo Agamar Boat Tours - Contact person: Carlos Castro (+34 609 246 132). Web site: www.nuevoagamar.com
Terral Mar Boat Tours. Contact person: Diego Méndez (+34 674 901 888). Web site: www.terralmar.com

Canoes tours

'Cientovolando' is an active tourism company located in Castropol dock which works during the summer season. With 'Cientovolando' you can make the descent of the river Eo in canoe, admiring the extraordinary Ria of Eo with its spectacular views, flora and fauna. The route runs from Abres to Castropol or vice versa. Experience is not required. Waters are smooth and the boats are anti-tipping. Recomended starting age: 6 or plus. Schedules are adjusted depending on the tides. If you want to live a new experience, go to Castropol and enjoy the wonderful Ria of Eo.

Contact information: Castropol Dock - (+34 633 366 220)

Castropol–Figueras Coastal Walk

Cioyo’s Waterfall

Route of the Mines

Coastal bicycle touring

Literary Route

Specialized MTB route by Oscos Eo


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