• Vegamar


    DESCRIPTION   Situado a escasos metros de la Playa de Peñarronda, la cual goza de Bandera Azul,…

  • Playa Penarronda

    Playa Penarronda

    DESCRIPTION   Cuenta con modernas y cuidadas instalaciones, Wifi-Fi, restaurante,barbacoas, parque infantil, campo de futbito de hierba,…

  • Peña Mar

    Peña Mar

    DESCRIPTION   This is cafe in which the collection of antiques is the hallmark of the business.…

  • Peña Mar

    Peña Mar

    DESCRIPTION   Mr. José Martínez Díaz, of unforgettable memory, he laid the foundations of the Restaurante Peña…

  • Peña Mar

    Peña Mar

    DESCRIPTION   Mr. José Martínez Díaz, of unforgettable memory, he laid the foundations of the Restaurante Peña…

  • OstrAstur


    DESCRIPTION   Production and marketing of mollusks. CONTACT   Phone: 673790929 E-mail: [email protected] - [email protected]

  • Música tradicional

    Música tradicional

    DESCRIPTION Bagpipes Band "El Penedón" of traditional Asturian music and the Atlantic arch with bagpipes in B…

  • Marisquería El Risón

    Marisquería El Risón

    DESCRIPTION   Seafood restaurant located on the dock of Castropol which has the charm of the fising…

  • Maricuelo


    DESCRIPTION   Stone house, completely renovated with wooden floor. Located in Rubieira neighborhood in Barres, council of…

  • Las Campas

    Las Campas

    DESCRIPTION   Its privileged location between Asturias and Galicia, the Ria of Eo and the coastal, the…

  • Las Campas

    Las Campas

    DESCRIPTION   Apartamentos Rurales Las Campas have private space around the houses and, also, they have independent…

  • La Searila

    La Searila

    DESCRIPTION   Inspired by the history of the Searila, whose verses of 1837 are part of the…

  • La Bodega de Casa Cachón

    La Bodega de Casa Cachón

    DESCRIPTION   ... CONTACT   Address: Phone: 985623843 - 607477409 E-mail: [email protected]     

  • El Pajar de Pumarega

    El Pajar de Pumarega

    DESCRIPTION   Typical farmhouse, restored in stone and wood. Its original structure has been respected with ‘antojana’…

  • El Pajar de Casa Cachón

    El Pajar de Casa Cachón

    DESCRIPTION More than 100 m2 of facilities where you can enjoy the best Asturian gastronomy, including the…

  • El Cristo

    El Cristo

    DESCRIPTION   We are in a small village called Villadún, in Castropol, a place of splendid sunsets,…

  • El Ciprés

    El Ciprés

    DESCRIPTION   Located in Figueras, a small fishing village in Castropol council. Very well located, close to…

  • El Cercado

    El Cercado

    DESCRIPTION   The apartments are built in an old farmhouse rehabilitated. The set of El Cercado consists…

  • Casa Vicente

    Casa Vicente

    DESCRIPTION   Casa Vicente, on the natural border between Asturias and Galicia, it is a good place…

  • Casa Peleyón

    Casa Peleyón

    DESCRIPTION   Located in a fishing village of figueras, it is installed in the old barn of…

  • Casa El Cruceiro

    Casa El Cruceiro

    DESCRIPTION   Cruceiro Apartments are located in the surroundings of the Ría of Eo, in Castropol. The…

  • Casa Cerolleiro

    Casa Cerolleiro

    DESCRIPTION   Traditional house in western Asturias rehabilitated and transformed into 5 fully equipped rural apartments. It…

  • Casa Campón

    Casa Campón

    DESCRIPTION   Less than 1km from the beach of Peñarronda is this old farmhouse recently restored. It…

  • Casa Cachón

    Casa Cachón

    DESCRIPTION   It is an old Asturian farmhouse now renovated as a rural hotel with a golf…

  • Casa Burrero

    Casa Burrero

    DESCRIPTION   Small rural hotel surrounded by forests of pines, chestnuts and oaks, with a enclosed garden…

  • Camino Norte

    Camino Norte

    DESCRIPTION   Tourist lodge with great charm located in Rozadela (Figueras) near the beaches of Arnao and…

  • Antón


    Address: Phone: 985635013

  • Amable


    DESCRIPTION   There is three apartaments fully equipated in a house located un Castropol village. Private parkings,…

  • Albergue de Tol

    Albergue de Tol

    DESCRIPTION   It has 2 rooms with a total of 16 places. CONTACT   Address: Tol 33794…

  • A Pumarega

    A Pumarega

    DESCRIPTION   Typical farmhouse, restored in stone and wood.Its original structure has been respected, with antojana at…

  • A Pedreira

    A Pedreira

    DESCRIPTION   Old stone barn completely renovated for village house. Only full rent. Located 6 km from…