The Hunting Club 'La Becacina' organizes the Wild Boar Tracking Championship each year at end June.


The most important event is the Princess of Asturias' Regatta,organized each year by the Castropol Sea Club at end July.


The mains clubs are the Castropol Sea Club and the Figueras Nautical Club. The last one organizes the Boat Fishing Championship every year in August.



Castropol Sports Club organizes school badminton championships during the school year.


Castropol Sports Club organizes orienteering shool tests, urban races, orienteering leagues and training.


Castropol Sports Club organizes the Saint Silvester Road Race, which runs through the streets of Castropol, every year on New Year's Eve.
'Figueras Solidario' organizes in August the Villa de Figueras Solidarity Cross Country Running, attended by a large number of participants.
And lastly, the Barres Festivals Commission has been celebrating for 25 years the Ecce-Homo Race, which takes place in August, coinciding with its patron saint festivities.


Castropol Sports Club participates in different cycling races (cyclocross, controlled descents, road biking, mountain biking and bicycle school races), in the 'Transgalaica Race' as well as in different Asturian and Spanish championships.


The beach and recreation ground of Arnao holds, at end June, the EoSprint Triathlon, where athletes from Asturias and Galicia gather for this sprint competition.

Motor racing

At the beginning of October, the Eo Motorcycle Club organizes the Sprint Rally, which runs through the high side of Castropol and by the council of Vegadeo.


Indoor Football

The As Figueiras Marine Club organizes a futsal tournament every year in August, in addition to different exhibition games.
Also Tol Festivals Commission takes advantage of its parochial festivities to enjoy a futsal tournament and the Castropol Sports Club organizes school games for U11 and U13 from March to April.


In Trenor's Field, the Barres Football Club disputes the lowest levels of the soccer league.


The 'Oyster Crossing', a crossing through the river Eo's estuary, is celebrated in September. There are two categories according to the distance: Figueras-Castropol (0,62 mi) and Castropol-Ribadeo-Castropol (2,17 mi). It alternates with other tests, such as the February concentrations of open water swimmers, where swimmers from all over Spain gather to improve their technique and share their experiences/expertise with other swimmers.

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