San Román Beach

San Román is a small cove with road access, located in Figueras village, between the shipyards and 'Puente de los Santos' (Saints’ Bridge). Though access is only possible at low tide, it offers an awesome landscape

Arnao Beach

Located in Figueras, reaching 400 meters long at the estuary of the river Eo, Arnao Beach is placed in a hollow which protects the shore from the winds and the erosion caused by the Cantabrian Sea. A few meters from the beach, tourists can enjoy the homonymous recreation ground where they can find picnic tables and grills.

Peñarronda Beach

Peñarronda Beach, located in Barres, has been a Natural Monument since 2002. This 600 m sandy beach, placed between the cliffs of A Robaleira and Punta del Corno, protects the Peñarronda river’s estuary, which splits the sandy beach in two. Its elongated shell shape fosters a boulder known as 'El Castelo'. Its round shape it's eroded from the inside. Besides the unquestionable personality which provides to this Castropol's area, this sandy beach is also named after it. From 'peña redonda' (boulder), it evolved to 'Peñarronda' or 'Penaronda', as it is known in the region. Peñarronda is an open and windy beach, conditions that makes it the perfect place for surfing. In fact, its right strip it's reserved for this purpouse and a lot of amateur surfers search here for the perfect wave.

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